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labelThe EMDR Lightbar

The EMDR Lightbar unburdens therapists in providing EMDR therapy. The EMDR Lightbar is a light bar that displays a moving blue light. You can use the remote control to easily and accurately set the speed of the blue light to your client's needs. The EMDR Lightbar is not only more comfortable for you, but for your clients as well.  → Read more about the EMDR Lightbar

starThe benefits of the EMDR Lightbar

Working with the EMDR Lightbar has major benefits.

With the EMDR Lightbar:

  • doneYou will prevent aches and injuries;
  • doneYour sessions will be less exhausting;
  • doneYou can fine-tune the stimulation more accurately;
  • doneThe eye movements are less exhausting for your client;
  • doneYou can make notes during the session;
  • doneYou will not have to look at the clock;
  • doneYou will determine the distance to your client yourself.

Why the EMDR Lightbar?

EMDR therapy is effective treatment for an increasing amount of people with psychological problems. However, providing this treatment protocol properly can be physically taxing for therapists due to the arm movements. That is why many therapists use different forms of stimulation, such as playing little taps or clicks through headphones. However, scientific studies1 show that visual stimulation through eye movement works better.

With the EMDR Lightbar your client will track the blue light that is moving back and forth along the bar with their eyes instead of following the therapist's fingers. As a result, the EMDR Lightbar provides a more effective and less taxing therapy.  → Read more about the EMDR Lightbar…

The EMDR Pulsers

In most cases, visual stimulation through eye movement is preferred and provides sufficient strain. In other cases, it is possible to expand the EMDR Lightbar with an additional set of EMDR Pulsers for extra tactile stimulation.  → Read more about the EMDR Pulsers…

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