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labelThe EMDR Lightbar

The EMDR Lightbar consists of a lightbar with a stand and a controller. The blue light moving back and forth on the light bar is the visual stimulus for the client. This means no more exhausting arm movements as a therapist!

The blue light on the light bar will always move in a perfectly straight line, which makes tracking it with their eyes much less taxing for your clients than tracking your fingers.

doneEasy operation

The EMDR Lightbar has a wired controller, so a smartphone is not required. You can operate the EMDR Lightbar with the controller very easily. You can pause and unpause the light on the light bar. You can also set the speed of the light so you can accurately tune the strain to your client's needs. Very simple.

doneBuilt-in battery

The EMDR Lightbar is powered by a built-in battery, which means it can be used anywhere. The battery will last for at least 12 hours during constant use, which is more than sufficient for a day filled with EMDR sessions. You can use the provided power adapter to charge the battery, which will take no more than 4 hours.

doneUniversal connector stand

The EMDR Light bar comes with a table stand that can be extended up to a height of 30 cm. In most cases this will be sufficient. However, thanks to the universal connector (1/4") you can also place the light bar on other stands.

doneAutomatic timer

To make your EMDR sessions even easier, the EMDR Lightbar has a built-in timer. This allows you to easily track when to stop stimulation during a set and when to go back to target if the association chain has not ended yet.

doneProtective toolcase

The EMDR Lightbar comes standard in a specially designed storage case. This allows you to neatly and carefully store and carry the EMDR Lightbar.

doneThe EMDR Pulsers

You can expand on the EMDR Lightbar with a set of two EMDR Pulsers, vibrating hand machines for additional tactile stimulation.  → Read more about the EMDR Pulsers…

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