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labelThe EMDR Pulsers

You can expand on the EMDR Lightbar with a set of two EMDR Pulsers, vibrating hand machines for additional tactile stimulation. This is useful when treating children, but also for clients who tend to dissociate.

The EMDR Pulsers can be controlled with the EMDR Lightbar controller. The Pulsers will vibrate alternatingly in sync with the light bar's light. As long as the light is on the right of the centre of the bar, the right Pulser will vibrate and vice versa. The speed at which the vibrations change side equals that of the speed of the light on the light bar and can be operated using the same buttons on the controller. Very simple.

Even though it is common to use the EMDR Pulsers at the same time as the EMDR Lightbar, you can also use them separately using the EMDR Lightbar's controller.

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