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labelFrequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, then feel free to contact us via .


add_circle_outlineCan I also order that nice case separately?
Yes, you can. The costs will be €39,- excluding shipping. You can order here.
add_circle_outlineCan I also order separate components of the EMDR Lightbar?
Yes, you can. You can order all components separately here.
add_circle_outlineDoes Psytec offer warranty for its products?
Yes. Psytec offers a one-year warranty for all products. If there are any defects, please contact customer service and we will quickly provide a satisfying solution.
add_circle_outlineCan I get a discount?
No, the price is already as low as possible. This is why there are never promotions or special offers. It is only possible to get a 5% discount when purchasing 10 or more EMDR Lightbars in one order.


add_circle_outlineDoes the EMDR Lightbar also have an audio option?
No, the EMDR Lightbar does not have an audio option. In 90% of cases, visual stimulation alone is sufficient. Should other stimulation still be required, then you can offer this with the EMDR Pulsers. In case of visual or other obstacles that prevent working with eye movement, you can also opt to use taps or clicks in addition to tactile stimulation with the Pulsers. But these audio stimuli can be easily offered through your phone, MP3 player or a similar device. It does not require separate EMDR equipment.
add_circle_outlineAre the EMDR Pulsers compatible with equipment of other manufacturers?
No, the Psytec EMDR Pulsers are not compatible with Psy-Zo's EMDR Kit or the Neurotek equipment.
add_circle_outlineWhat are the dimensions and weight of the EMDR Lightbar?
The LED bar is 71cm x 2cm x 2cm.
The remote is 11.5cm x 9cm x 2.5cm.
The entire set including case weighs close to 3kg and is 76cm x 17cm x 9cm.

live_helpOrdering process

add_circle_outlineWhat do I do to make use of the satisfaction guarantee?
If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the EMDR Lightbar within 14 days. A clear description of this process can be found here.
add_circle_outlineCan I also order the EMDR Lightbar via a wholesaler or elsewhere?
No, you can only order the EMDR Lightbar here.


add_circle_outlineThe display shows a blinking '8', what do I do?
This means the battery needs to be charged. Charge it or connect the adapter to continue the session.
add_circle_outlineCan the EMDR Pulsers also be used separately?
The EMDR Pulsers are an expansion for the EMDR Lightbar and will only work using the EMDR Lightbar's controller. If you do not wish to order the full set, then you can order separate components. You will need: a controller, a power adapter and a set of EMDR Pulsers. You can order here.