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labelAbout Psytec

Fred Verschuur, oprichter Psytec. My name is Fred Verschuur, Dutch psychologist and founder of Psytec. My enthusiasm for EMDR started in 2013 during the EMDR Basic Programme. It soon became clear to me that I would be able to help many clients with this great treatment protocol.

It also became just as clear that 'waving' my arms around was pretty exhausting. Obviously there are other stimulation techniques, such as clicks or taps, but studies clearly show that EMDR with eye movement is most effective and absolutely preferred.

During the course programme, we were introduced to a number of technical devices that could perform the task of these hand movements: a great idea! However, I thought these devices were very expensive and thought to myself “Surely this can be done more cheaply…”.

I further looked into this idea and eventually decided to develop something myself. Just as effective, but a simpler set-up so the costs could remain low. In August 2013, I founded Psytec to further bring my idea to life. Without any entrepreneurial experience but with a load of enthusiasm and complete confidence in my plan, I went looking for funding for the initial investment and a developer for the technical execution.

Het eerste 'model' van de Psytec EMDR Lightbar After a long development process with several models (you can see the first 'model' to the side), a large amount of 'test treatments' and evaluations, the Psytec EMDR Lightbar is finally a reality!

I hope you will be just as excited about the EMDR Lightbar as I am and that my product will allow you to give many clients an effective EMDR treatment. Without exerting yourself. I for one will certainly never have another EMDR session without it!

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